Cedok – Czech Travel Agency Thrives with Resabee System: Record-Breaking 2023

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Cedok, the oldest travel agency in the Czech Republic, has had a truly record year. The company, one of the leading travel agencies in this part of Europe, expects a turnover of 5 billion crowns after 2 years of the COVID-19 pandemic. It has become one of the travel companies that have gone into projects that their competitors don’t have the courage to do. The result – the sales record may be pushed even higher in 2023.

The future of Cedok seems to be bright

Regularly, Cedok announces new destinations to make their customers feel even more satisfied. The big news for now is north Egypt and the destination of Marsa Matrouh by the Mediterranean Sea, which was an amazing hit last year. This year, the company has been increasing traffic and focusing even more on the Italian market. They use Resabee’s solution to make their brand stand out from competitors and adjust their offer to what their customers need.

Cedok – a leader among travel booking companies

Cedok is the largest travel corporation in the Czech Republic and one of the country’s most recognized brands. It was founded in 1920, and two years later offices in London, Vienna, and Paris were opened. In 2016, Cedok joined Travel Alliance – an independent tour operators association that focuses on corporate travel. Today, the company serves customers with destinations in over fifty countries. It employs 300 people in over 50 branches, offering luxury coaches and excursions with experienced guides. They contract the most relevant hotels in different destinations to provide customers with the best price/ratio possible. 7 years after being bought by the Polish travel agency Itaka, despite some travel difficulties such as the pandemic or local disasters (like the earthquake in Mexico City last September), the company is now expanding to new destinations.

Cedok supported by the Resabee travel booking solution

Resabee is tour reservation software that serves large and medium-sized enterprises in the travel and e-commerce industry. It offers many customization options that allow companies to tailor their systems’ look and feel to their brands. Since the very beginning of the collaboration between Cedok and Resabee, Cedok has increased its accessibility for customers and automated numerous booking processes. They enabled them to improve their customer service which resulted in a rapid increase of bookings made by both individual and business customers. Resabee easily integrates with popular online payment systems, ensuring secure transactions which led to growing trust among Cedok’s customers. The agency can now follow the omnichannel approach - they are still a leader in the traditional market, now expanding rapidly to the online world.

Travel industry news – Cedok grows with Resabee

After the pandemic, with the use of the Resabee booking system, Cedok achieved the highest-ever turnover of 5 billion crowns. The profit is the best in history, and this is probably because of the delayed consumption after the series of pandemic lockdowns. More and more people travel, despite high inflation. The trend of first-minute travel has been returning, as many hotels and travel agencies offer discounts. There are various types of customers – from families with children buying their dream vacation to couples choosing exotic or sightseeing trips. In the Czech Republic, it’s mostly grandparents and their grandchildren who choose domestic hotels with Cedok, though.


Cedok’s CEO admits that the company would not have survived the pandemic if they hadn’t joined Itaka seven years ago. Now, with more and more technical improvements, the company adds new destinations and extends the planned season.

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